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Transport and Urban Mobility

Thanks to its participation in structuring urban mobility projects alongside major international firms, BPL is able to provide adapted solutions and a better understanding of transport infrastructure and urban mobility issues in countries in West and Central Africa.

Key subjects


Transports & Mobilité

Gestion du transport

  • Dirt roads
  • Asphalt roads
  • Urban roads
  • Bridges and Structures
  • Public transport
  • Transportation on own site (BRT, TRAMWAY,…)
  • Transport Economics
  • Traffic analysis
  • Ticketing and SAEIV
  • Fleet optimization (Public transport)
  • Concessioning
  • Investment planning and studies

Services offered

All expertise and engineering services covering several aspects of Transport, Urban Mobility and Transport Infrastructures:

  • Consulting and methodological support, Diagnosis, feasibility and formulation
  • Economic and financial studies of Urban Transport
  • Traffic, travel and modelling studies
  • Traffic studies (counts, origin-destination surveys, directional counts)
  • Parking studies (occupancy, rotation, compliance with regulations, etc.)
  • Expertise in reorganization of the informal transport sector
  • Technical infrastructure studies (preliminary and detailed design)
  • Environmental and social studies
  • Preparation of tender documents and assistance in the awarding of contracts
  • Control and supervision of works
  • Technical audit
  • Road safety audit
  • Training

These expertises cover the following issues:

  • Urban Mobility and Public Transport (BRT)
  • Transport Economics
  • Standards and Safety (Road Safety Audit & Technical Audit)

Our missions are mainly financed by international donors such as:

  • The World Bank
  • The African Development Bank
  • The European Union

Some projects