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Preliminary design studies for a BRT line of the Y4 section from Mitterrand Boulevard to the Olympic Stadium in Abidjan – Ivory Coast

Preliminary studies by BPL
CLIENT : African Development Bank (ADB)PERIOD : June 2022 – Present
PARTNER : LOGITCOUNTRY: Ivory Coast, Abidjan
FUNDING : African Development Bank (ADB) / Funds KOAFEC


As part of the search for sustainable solutions to the problem of mobility in Greater Abidjan, the Ivorian government, thanks to funding from Swedfund, the Swedish cooperation agency, has carried out a Master Plan for the Abidjan BRT.

The main objective of this study is to produce a preliminary design for the implementation of a BRT line on the 26.55 km long section of the Y4 from Boulevard François Mitterrand to the Olympic Stadium. It will study in detail the types of BRT (conceptual and operational design) adapted to the environment of this area as well as the operating and transfer infrastructures of each intersection encountered, taking into account the environmental and social impacts on the populations.

Description of services actually performed by your staff :

  • the Final Summary Design studies ;
  • a draft of the detailed preliminary design studies;
  • the Quantities and Estimates of the various facilities;
  • the functional program specifying :
  • the operating parameters and the functioning of the network;
  • the definition of the optimal size of the fleet and the specifications of the operating rolling stock;
  • ticketing and SAEIV;
  • Signage and safety within the BRT corridor;
  • Pedestrian and vehicular permeability;
  • presentation of the design and insertion of stations and depots (stations and workshops);
  • plans for the various BRT network facilities;
  • Environmental, social and economic risks are identified.

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