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Geographical Information System (GIS) & ICT

Over the last ten years, the use of GIS on the one hand, and the use of Electronic Document Management / Archiving (EDM) on the other, have become essential needs for our customers.

  • Geographic Information System (GIS)

    An excellent answer for the needs of representing, managing and disseminating spatial information

  • Electronic Document Management / Archiving (EDM)

    Solutions to manage documents and archives supporting all of today's human industry

In the field of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Electronic Document Archiving (EDM), BPL offers a complete range of professional services, with the collaboration of our South African and Burkinabe partners.

Services offered in GIS

Our highly qualified experts, generally with international profiles, take charge of all our clients’ projects in:

  • The realization of the audits and the preparation of the specifications
  • The acquisition, the structuring of geographical data
  • The implementation of GIS and Web mapping;
  • The cartography;
  • The implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems with spatial references;
  • Spatial analysis and remote sensing;
  • The realization of cartography in the framework of projects and development programs;
  • Elaboration of the Urban Information Master Plan;
  • The realization of studies of existing physical realizations (geo-referenced localization of infrastructures of any type);
  • The implementation of a road infrastructure database, etc.
  • The patrimonial management of the drinking water distribution network: digitization of network plans / GEODATABASE

This GIS expertise that we offer covers several areas including:

  • Urban planning
  • Networks (water, electricity, telecommunication)
  • Transport and logistics
  • Renewable energies
  • Mining industries
  • Agriculture,
  • Geomapping
  • Culture and sports
  • The development and territorial planning

Services offered in Management / Electronic archiving of documents (EDM):

Studies and advice

  • Studies and implementation of document information management units

Processing of archives

  • Audit of cases related to the implementation of a functional and modern archiving system;
  • The implementation of a functional archive unit within companies;
  • Feasibility study on the implementation of electronic archiving system (SAE);
  • The implementation of an electronic archiving system with a dedicated LAN, Intranet and/or Internet access;
  • Training in archiving techniques;
  • The assistance or the provision of personnel;
  • Implementation and compliance with security standards of archive repositories


  • Conception and realization of physical and virtual library;
  • Conception and realization of documentary portal;
  • Putting databases online with GENISISWEB;
  • Creation of CD-ROMs with GENISISCD.
  • Case study on the implementation of a functional and operational documentary unit
  • Implementation of policies for the acquisition and collection of documentary information
  • Identification and/or production of documentary language
  • Treatment of documentary according to the principles of the “documentary chain
  • Implementation of documentary database
  • Assistance for the management and valorization of the documentary fund and documentation center

Digitization and documentary computing

  • Batch digitization of paper documents
  • Creation and management of bibliographic and factual databases
  • Edition of documentary products
  • Backup and exchange of bibliographic information with other documentation centers
  • Setting up a documentary network
  • Dissemination via local LAN, intranet or internet of documentary databases.


  • The management of archives
  • Archives and NTIC or electronic document management
  • Management of archives in financial and banking institutions

Our missions are mainly financed by international donors such as:

  • The World Bank
  • The African Development Bank
  • The European Union
  • The French Development Agency
  • International funds including European, American and Asian funds

Some projects