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Building and Urban Development

Engineers have revolutionized the planning and development of urban development projects through the use of new design and analysis tools. The issues of urban development and especially urban governance are now being addressed by all our clients in Africa, in a context of intensifying land pressure and galloping demographics.

The development of basic infrastructure for underprivileged neighborhoods (Abidjan, Brazzaville, Kinshasa, Douala, etc.) is receiving a favorable response from the technical and financial partners who support the States and governments.

To adequately meet the demand for housing, massive real estate programs should be born and developed during the decades to come.

With our team of engineers, urban planners, landscapers and architects, we intervene in the various fields of building and urban development with projects ranging from detailed design, to land use planning through various programs of new construction, rehabilitation and urban restructuring.

Certified ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and especially ISO 14001:2015, BPL is constantly looking for solutions to bring our building and urban development projects towards a better environmental and ecological impact.

BPL, through its participation in the feasibility study of the governance of the Greater Abidjan metropolitan area (financed by the World Bank), is proud to bring an understanding of the challenges of urban development of the main economic pole of the Ivory Coast.

Tertiary and Offices

Industrial (Factories, Platforms)


Sensitive Installations (Data Centers, Control Center…)

Retail and Leisure

Urban Development

Education and Culture

Medical and Health


Over the past five years, BPL has successfully contributed to the realization of key urban development projects including modern urban transport systems, and the development of basic infrastructure in disadvantaged areas commonly referred to as precarious neighborhoods with a view to their restructuring.

Today, BPL can rely on its own teams as well as on its strategic partnerships to ensure the successful execution of any type of building and urban development project. Our teams and experts are specialized in:

For the building industry

  • Geotechnics, foundations,
  • Finite element modeling of structures
  • Complex structures in concrete, steel or wood, stability and material resistance calculations
  • Calculation of structural fire stability
  • Special structures and common concrete engineering structures
  • Technical facades

For urban development

  • Project process and project management assistance
  • Territorial strategies
  • Urban projects and local development
  • Landscape and public spaces
  • Environment

Services offered

All types of engineering and consulting expertise:

  • Diagnosis, feasibility and formulation
  • Advice and methodological support
  • Technical studies of Preliminary Summary Project – APS;
  • Technical studies of Detailed Preliminary Project – APD;
  • Preparation of the tender documents DAO / DCE;
  • Management of the tender procedures
  • Selection of contractors
  • Control and supervision of works and supplies
  • Technical audit, Energy audit, Evaluation follow-up
  • Training

Our missions are mainly financed by international donors such as:

  • The World Bank
  • The African Development Bank
  • The European Union
  • The French Development Agency
  • International funds including European, American and Asian funds

Some projects