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Environment and Climate

Very sensitive to the environmental and social issues of our planet, BPL has very quickly strengthened its expertise to become a reference actor in Côte d’Ivoire in the conduct of mandates relating to the environment, climate and socio-economic development.

BPL is accredited by the National Environment Agency (ANDE), the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Côte d’Ivoire and carries out all types of environmental missions in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa and Central Africa.

We study more particularly the questions of protection of the natural environment, biodiversity and sensitive areas, fight against desertification and coastal erosion as well as the problems of burying and treatment of household, industrial and dangerous waste. We take charge of the studies of technical projects of preservation or improvement of the environment.

BPL regularly carries out environmental and social impact studies for these technical projects in accordance with the standards of the World Bank and the African Development Bank.


Services offered

All expertise in environmental and socio-economic assessment of projects and programs in the following areas:

  • Transport Infrastructures and Urban Mobility
  • Energy and Electrical Infrastructure
  • Architecture, Building and Urban Planning
  • Water, Sanitation, Agriculture and Rural Development

These expertises include:

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA);
  • Strategic Environmental and Social Assessments (SESA);
  • Frameworks, notices, findings, environmental and social audits
  • Resettlement Action Plan (RAP);
  • Socioeconomic, socio-cultural and development studies
  • Development of different types of waste management plans (e.g., polluted water management plan, organic waste management plan, etc.)
  • Regulatory compliance analysis
  • The implementation of an environmental and social management system
  • Environmental diagnosis
  • Monitoring / implementation of environmental and social management plan
  • Biodiversity studies (fauna, flora)
  • Studies of High Conservation Values (HCV)
  • Analysis of environmental parameters
  • Measurement of atmospheric pollution, measurement of ambient air pollution, atmospheric pollution by gases and dust and water pollution
  • Measurement of soil pollution by hydrocarbons, PCBs
  • Measurement of the absorption rates of gaseous pollutants by the personnel
  • Acoustic measurement of the working environment
  • Feasibility studies related to the socio-economic development and governance of cities and rural areas
  • The realization of communication plans, awareness and information in connection with the projects and development programs

Our missions are mainly financed by international donors such as:

  • The World Bank
  • The African Development Bank
  • The European Union
  • The French Development Agency
  • International funds including European, American and Asian funds

Some projects