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Quality – Safety – Environment Policy

BPL PROJECT EXPERTS S.A.S is a company of Ivorian right, specialized in the studies, the follow-up and the control of works. Our activities extend in all West Africa and also in Central Africa, mainly in the French-speaking countries.


Evolving in a very competitive and dynamic environment, our major challenges are, among others, a market very sensitive to the variations of the political and economic life of the States, the difficulty to find competences in the fields of pointed expertise, at the local and sub-regional level.


Despite this context, our company aims to become a reference actor in the development challenges of our states and the private sector, by providing modern and innovative engineering services in West and Central African countries. In order to achieve this vision, we have decided to engage in a triple certification to ISO 9001 version 2015, ISO 45001 version 2018, ISO 14001 version 2015.


The implementation of our strategy will lead us to implement our strategic directions including:


Development and maintenance of partnerships with firms and experts experienced in the framework of our projects, the implementation of a QSE approach, the implementation of Measures of Control or Prevention in front of the Dangers, the taking in charge of the workers, the identification of Measures of control of the significant environmental aspects and the implementation of a Legal and Regulatory watch.


To achieve this, the General Management is committed to


Respect the legal and regulatory requirements as well as the requirements of the management system in terms of Quality, Health and Safety at Work and the Environment;

Prevent harm and damage to the health of interested parties, including the protection of the environment;

To satisfy its obligations of conformity, to eliminate the existing dangers and to reduce its risks;

Consult and involve workers and their representatives;

To provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses that are appropriate to the purpose, size and context of BPL PROJECT EXPERTS, as well as to the specific nature of our risks and opportunities;

To continuously improve our performances in terms of Quality, Health and Safety at Work and Environment.

To provide the necessary resources to consolidate the main objectives of the integrated system in accordance with the requirements of the standards ISO 9001 version 2015, ISO 45001 version 2018 and ISO 14001 version 2015.

The strategic axes or general objectives from our strategic orientations set for the period 2020 – 2023 are:

  • Strategic Direction 1:
    Develop and maintain partnerships with firms and experts experienced in our projects

    To obtain new markets

  • Strategic Direction 2:
    Obtaining new markets

    Obtain the Triple Certification

  • Strategic Direction 3:
    Implementing Control or Prevention Measures in the face of hazards

    Ensure better protection of our teams against hazards

  • Strategic Direction 4:
    Taking care of the workers

    Provide safe and healthy working conditions for employees and external contractors.

  • Strategic Direction 5:
    Identification of Measures to Control Significant Environmental Aspects

    Controlling significant environmental aspects and monitoring for environmental protection

  • Strategic Direction 6:
    The implementation of a Legal and Regulatory watch

    Evaluate the compliance of GLP practices with the requirements

These areas will be monitored by measurable operational objectives and revised, if necessary, during management reviews, to ensure that they are effective and relevant, in line with the management system.

To this end, General Management has appointed a Quality Safety Environment Manager, under its authority. They will ensure the implementation and continuous improvement of the Integrated Quality Safety Environment System.

It is also committed to providing the resources necessary to achieve the objectives assigned and to the continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System.

This is only possible with the involvement of all the staff and other interested parties.

In short, the success of BPL PROJECT EXPERTS S.A.S requires the effort of all and the responsibility of each one.