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Water and Sanitation

Water is essential for the life of all living beings and is probably the most precious resource on earth. Water serves all human industries, agriculture and therefore occupies a key place in socio-economic development. The planning and implementation of water supply infrastructure is an imperative for governments. Millions of water towers, km of water supply and distribution networks will have to be built and/or rehabilitated in the coming years all over Africa, both in rural and urban areas which are constantly expanding.

Intelligent management and optimization systems for these drinking water facilities will have to be installed.

Drinking water systems in urban areas

Drinking water systems in rural areas

Raw water treatment plant

Versions and transfer and distribution networks

Dikes and dams

Integrated management

Pricing, leakage management, network efficiency

Drainage systems and flood control

Treatment of sewage sludge

Solid Waste


Over the past five years, BPL has successfully contributed to the realization of key projects including sanitation and drainage master plans. Today, BPL can rely on its own teams as well as on its strategic partnerships to ensure the successful execution of any type of water and sanitation project.

BPL has an excellent mastery of the entire development cycle of water service infrastructures, both in urban and rural areas.

All types of engineering and consulting expertise:

  • Technical studies of hydraulic systems and infrastructures for drinking water, sanitation, agriculture and rural development
    • General basic studies
    • Environmental and socio-economic studies
    • Technical studies of preliminary design (APS)
    • Technical studies of the Detailed Preliminary Project (APD)
  • Feasibility and execution studies
  • Preparation of sanitation and drainage master plan
  • Preparation of drinking water master plan
  • Institutional, tariff and policy studies for water and sanitation
  • Integrated water resources management
  • Technical assistance and monitoring/evaluation
  • Capacity building

Assistance to the contracting authority

  • Preparation of tender documents for works
  • Management of the tendering process
  • Selection of contractors

Monitoring and control of the works

  • Drinking water supply in urban and rural areas
  • Hydro-agricultural development, including community and rural infrastructures
  • Sanitation, drainage and flood control, including coastal development and management

Our missions are mainly financed by international donors such as :

  • The World Bank
  • The African Development Bank
  • The European Union
  • The French Development Agency
  • International funds including European, American and Asian funds

Some projects