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Transport and Urban Mobility

All expertise and engineering services covering several aspects of Transport, Urban Mobility and Transport Infrastructures:

  • Public transport
  • Transportation on own site (BRT, TRAMWAY,…)
  • Buses and urban trains

Energy, Electricity and Electrification

Energy, Electricity and Electrification

  • Technical studies of electrical systems HV-HTA-BT-EP
  • Feasibility and execution studies
  • Generation Master Plan
  • Monitoring and control of the works
  • Technical studies
    • Technical studies of preliminary design (APS)
    • Technical studies of the Detailed Preliminary Project (APD)
  • Assistance to the contracting authority
  • Monitoring and control of the works

Building and Urban Development

All expertise in building and architecture:

  • Hotel & Restaurant
  • Medical and Health
  • Urban Development and real estate promotion
  • Commercial & Leisure
  • Industrial Education
  • Culture and Sport
  • Sensitive Facilities
  • Tertiary and Offices, etc.
  • Hydro-agricultural developments and dams
  • Agro-industrial infrastructures and equipment
  • Sustainable management of natural resources
  • Planning and rural development
  • Development of animal resources
  • Sustainable management of land and forests
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Awareness, organization & training
agriculture et developpement rural

Environnement and Climate

All expertise in environmental and socio-economic assessment of projects and programs in the following areas:

  • Transport Infrastructures and Urban Mobility
  • Energy and Electrical Infrastructure
  • Architecture, Building and Urban Planning
  • Water, Sanitation, Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Geographical Information System
    • The acquisition, the structuring of geographical data
    • The implementation of GIS and Web mapping
    • The cartography
  • Management / Electronic archiving of documents (EDM)
    • Studies and advice
    • Processing of archives
    • Documentation
    • Batch digitization of paper documents
SIG, TIC et GED - BPL project expercts