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Technical assistance in the realization of the control of the works of the national electrical network HT/MT : LOT-4 CRT SOUBRE and SAN PEDRO

reseau electrique soubre

CLIENT : CI-ENERGIESPERIOD: July to December 2020


To meet the high demand for electricity in Côte d’Ivoire, several programs and projects for the construction, rehabilitation, renewal and reinforcement of the electricity network have been implemented or are being implemented by CI-ENERGIES (PTDAE, ENERGOS, BOAD, PRODERCI), with a view to providing Côte d’Ivoire with a reliable and sustainable electricity system to support the country’s socio-economic development. The viability of the works is strongly linked to the quality of the execution of the works and the equipment implemented, guaranteeing a flexible and sustainable operation of the electrical network. It is to guarantee to the Ivory Coast, an electrical network which can ensure the transport and the distribution of energy in a continuous and permanent way that the Master of work of the electrical system, CI-ENERGIES, decided to launch the project of TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE IN THE REALIZATION OF THE CONTROL OF THE WORKS OF THE NATIONAL ELECTRIC NETWORK HV/HTA/LV/EP subdivided in several Lots (Lot 1 to Lot 5).

The present mission concerns the Lot 1 of the Regional Technical Center (RTC) Abidjan which concerns the works in the following localities in Ivory Coast: DALOA, SAN PEDRO, SOUBRE. The projects concerned are :

  • Works of the Reflection Substations 1, 2, and 3, of the Source Substation and Telecontrol of San Pedro;
  • Work on the 225/90 kV San-Pédro substation;
  • Extension works of the 90/30 kV Daloa substation;
  • 225 kV Buyo-Soubré line.

Description of the services actually provided by your staff :

  • Analysis of documents and contractual documents (APD, DAO, Contractor’s and Control Mission’s contracts; correspondence and reports, etc.);
  • Meetings with the Supervision Missions and the Contractors; visits to the work sites;
  • Verification of compliance with the contractual clauses by the Supervision Missions and the Companies:
  • Verification of the application of the contract in the realization of the works
  • Inspections, Control (Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering) of the works
  • Management of meetings, reports

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