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Consultant for the study on the improvement of the telecommunication and remote control system (SCADA) of the OMVS interconnected system. Phase III Assistance to SOGEM

scada omvs bpl

CLIENT : SOGEM/OMVSPERIOD: July 2017 – June 2019


In addition to Manantali’s production, in 2013 the production of the Félou hydroelectric power station was added, which is located on the Senegal River about 200 km downstream from Manantali and 15 km from the town of Kayes..

The facilities are currently supervised and controlled by the Manantali dispatching station which was commissioned in 2002 (AREVA). The operators have access to RIMA information (telemetry and remote signals) and EMS functions (production and network).

The rehabilitation of the SCADA EMS system has become necessary for the following:

  • The designer of the system (AREVA) does not produce any more updates of the version used;
  • The servers, which are Compaq AlphaServer 64, are no longer supported by the manufacturer since December 2006. Hence the impossibility of having spare parts in case of incident;
  • The history server is limited in storage capacity and down since September 2015 ;
  • The client software is also outdated and runs on Windows NT ;
  • FO/CPL circuit redundancy is not provided throughout the RIMA.

The overall objective was to provide SOGEM with modern means of long-term control (SCADA/EMS dispatching with associated telecommunication means). The activities carried out in this mission concerned the supervision and control of the works (in Mali, Senegal and Mauritania).

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